Monday December 05, 2022

King Charles III having a 'honeymoon period'

King Charles III is enjoying a ‘honeymoon period’ the first few months into his reign, as per a royal biographer

By Web Desk
November 16, 2022

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King Charles III is said to be enjoying a ‘honeymoon period’ the first few months into his reign since he ascended the British throne in September after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth.

The comment came from distinguished royal author Andrew Morton, who is currently making waves with his new book based on the late Queen and thanks to Netflix adding his character to their royal drama The Crown.

Talking about the start of King Charles’ reign, Morton told The Daily Beast: “Charles is having a honeymoon period. We’re seeing a slightly different style, such as being kissed by people in the crowd—you never saw that with the queen.”

“But a lot will depend on the coronation, the shape and the style of the coronation. That’s going to define him—and his reign,” Morton added.

The author of the late Princess Diana’s bombshell biography also shared his thoughts about Netflix’s The Crown, the latest season of which also chronicles Morton’s own chase of Diana and her story.

Commenting on why he thinks the royals are so ‘annoyed’ by The Crown, Morton said: “The real threat is the fact that we have a coronation coming up in May, and anyone who works for the palace is on tenterhooks; they don’t want it to go wrong.”

“And one of the things that could go wrong would be a sea change in Charles’ image. They do not want people to be reminded what happened in the past with Charles and Camilla. You’d expect them to be on red alert, to squash anything.”