Sunday June 04, 2023

Meghan, Harry’s feud with Royal Family is ‘inevitable’, predicts expert

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's permanent return to the UK is based on the Duke's memoir

By Web Desk
October 23, 2022


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s return to the UK for King Charles III’s coronation will ignite the couple’s feud with the royal family, predicted an expert.

During her exclusive conversation with Daily Star, relationship coach Christina Maxion said the Sussexes’ return amidst the changed ‘dynamics’ of the family makes feuds ‘inevitable’.

The expert however added that the Sussexes’ permanent return is based on the content of Prince Harry’s memoir.

"Negotiations and compromises are inevitable. I have never seen Meghan as much of an Anglophile, and her experience so far has not been positive, let's be honest,” she added.

"The things we do for love play a huge part in these milestone decisions for any couple, and it is the strength between themselves as partners, with compromise on both sides, and being clear on each other's wants and needs that are necessary for a solid start,” Christina explained.