• Death of Peshawar commissioner: a murder or accident?

      November 26, 2013
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      ISLAMABAD: Peshawar Commissioner Sahibzada Muhammad Anees-ur-Rehman reached Islamabad from Abbottabad with his wife on the evening of October 25, 2013. He came here to see off his daughter, who was to fly for the UK.

      The daughter and son of Sahibzada Anees are studying in the UK. On the morning of Saturday October 26, he said goodbye to his daughter and got engaged in a meeting of the USAID and had other commitments.

      In the afternoon, he went to his relative’s place in Sector F-11 of Islamabad. There, he received a call from Asghar-un-Nisa who belonged to Parachinar, and whose father worked as a staff officer with Sahibzada Anees in the year 1995, while Anees was the assistant political agent in Parachinar. Asghar-un-Nisa wanted to get his educational and other documents attested in order to appear in the competitive exams. Anees asked Nisa to meet him at the F-11 Markaz.

      It might be remembered that she lives with her mother and four brothers in a residential flat in F-11 Markaz.Talking to this correspondent, Asghar-un-Nisa said that when she was getting her papers attested, Sahibzada Anees asked her to sit in the car at once. She said that she acted upon his words in a state of panic. The next moment, Anees geared up his car towards Sector F-10. She saw a white car chasing the car in which they were travelling. The white car also tried to hit them, she said.

      Meanwhile, Anees tried to phone someone and next, threw his cellular phone on the car’s dashboard. Sweat shined on his face. He quickly parked his car in the parking lot at the Park Towers’ back, and asked Asghar-un-Nisa to come out. He did not lock his car. She left her educational certificates and laptop in the car, while they approached towards the flat in the basement of the Park Tower. At once, she felt someone flung something from the rear, and an explosion was heard. She panicked and saw her scarf burning. What happened next, she doesn’t know, Asghar-un-Nisa told this scribe.

      This incident took place around five o’clock in the evening, when a receptionist namely Fakhar was present there at the reception of Park Tower. When this correspondent asked him about the incident, Fakhar said, “I was sitting at the reception when I heard an explosion. Bulldozing of Margalla Tower was also going on at that time, and I thought the sound echoed due to the same reason. But, a man told me that the basement is on fire. I ran towards the basement and saw Commissioner Anees (whom I didn’t know at that time) standing outside the flat and his shirt had been burnt. I was immediately asked to fetch fire-extinguisher. Meanwhile, Anees was shifted to the hospital. The news echoing in the media about the presence of commissioner Anees inside the flat have been concocted”.

      According to Fakhar, Anees’ car was registered neither at the central gate of the Park Tower nor at the reception. Inside the room of the flat, cupboard had been burnt and the windowpanes were shattered. In the kitchen were placed the tea cups, and it seemed to him that someone had visited the place some moments ago.

      Fakhar further said that a citizen of Peshawar owns the flat, and had rented it to a resident of Abbottabad. According to him, the ones who were present in the flat before, they had kept the gas valve open, and when the light was switched on, or when a cigarette was lighted, the explosion occurred as a consequence.

      However, the family sources of Sahibzada Anees, his friends and subordinates said that he did not smoke. Secondly, as he did not enter the flat, how the flat went on fire. In the opinion of SHO Shalimar Police Station, Haq Nawaz Ranjha, an FIR of the incident was not registered, because it was an accident. As commissioner Anees entered the room, he switched on the light, and because the room was permeated by gas, the explosion occurred.

      It will be difficult to term the death of Sahibzada Anees as an accident. On April 29, 2013, his convoy was attacked by a suicide bomber who was on a motorbike on the Arbab Road, Peshawar. After the suicide attack, he received a telephone call form banned outfit, Tehrik-i-Taliban. The caller said that the suicide attack was “a trailer”. Sahibzada Anees worked as Assistant Political Agent Kurram Agency in 1995. He was being threatened by land mafia of Peshawar and other extremist groups. He was also an important figure in Dr Shakil Afridi’s case and resisted his release.

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