• 46pc Pakistanis think Nawaz govt will not succeed in talks with Taliban

      July 27, 2013
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      KARACHI: Majority of Pakistanis say the government should hold talks with Taliban. Thirty-two percent citizens say talks should be done with Taliban while 46 percent think Nawaz Sharif government will not be able to hold successful dialogue with Taliban.

      In collaboration with Jang, Geo, and The News, Gallup Pakistan asked two questions from respondents living in rural and urban areas in all the four provinces. The questions were: 1) Should Pakistani government talk with Taliban? and 2) Should armed power be used against them (now) or should it be used against them after failure of talks?

      Thirty-two percent of respondents said talks should be held while 30 percents said armed force should be used against them. Twenty-four percent said armed force should be used after failure of talks while 14 percent did not reply and opted for “Don’t know” option.

      To a question as to whether the Nawaz Sharif government will be able to hold successful dialogue with Taliban, 46 percent replied in negative, 35 percent in affirmative while 19 percent did not reply or showed lack of knowledge. Gallup Pakistan held the survey between July 8 and 10. The respondents belonged to all walks of life.