• Big US investor Kramer signs Rs15-20 bn deal with Bahria Town today

      March 11, 2013
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      ISLAMABAD: A Bahria Town spokesperson said Sunday Bodha Island City would be developed 3.5 km off the coast of Karachi at a cost of Rs15-20 billion.

      A joint venture by the companies of Thomas Kramer, one of the biggest investors in the US, and Bahria Town will make the investment for the project. To sign the country’s first ever safe city – Bodha Island City –, a team comprising Thomas Kramer, his legal advisers and other experts has landed in Islamabad in the night between Sunday and Monday by Etihad Airlines. The two sides will discuss details of the agreement for the project on Monday and at the conclusion of the discussion, they will formally sign the agreement at Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.

      The Bahria Town spokesperson said Kramer is a visionary businessman who surveyed an US island off Miami in 1991-92 on a helicopter. The island was a hideout of pirates of Cuba at that time but he developed Miami Beach which is an attraction for the people the world over. The total Miami Beach was developed by Thomas Kramer.

      The spokesman said Bodha island, covering 12,000 acres of land, will be developed in five to 10 years. He said houses will be handed over to the people in 2016. He said the island will have the biggest building in the world in addition to a net city, education city, health city, report city and other infrastructure.

      He said the island will have the most modern of shopping malls in the world, offering all international brands. He said Bodha Island will be connected with Karachi’s Defence via a six-lane modern bridge over the sea.

      He said the safe city will have its own water and power. He said sea water will be made drinkable through a modern treatment plant and the safe city will generate energy for its 100 per cent needs on its own. He said 2.5 million jobs will be created by this Bodha island project. He said the island will have 125,000 houses and its population will be one million.

      According to the spokesman, world famous investors from Saudi Arabia and UAE are scheduled to visit Pakistan to sign joint investment projects with Bahria Town.

      He said as the construction sector played a crucial role in making the US, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Japan developed countries, in the same manner, with the grace of Almighty Allah, Pakistan, which is considered a third world country, will become a developed country. He said it is a slogan of Bahria Town: “Bahria Town commits - Bahria Town delivers.” He said the Bahria Town fulfils its promises.

      The spokesman said Thomas Kramer is the head and the Global Network is entrepreneur. It has completed big projects in US and rest of the world, including Miami Beach. It specialises in building skyscrapers in coastal areas. It also specialises in construction of residential homes and shopping centres. Its website is www.thomaskramer.com.

      Thomas Kramer is commonly called as TK. It constructed TK Star Island Community, developed Five Star Island and constructed TK Crown Jewel there. At Miami Beach, it invested in clubs and restaurants. It is the founder investor of Ocean Drivers Magazine.

      Thomas Kramer Foundation is providing huge donations to US and international charities. Make A Wish, Krisiti House, Red Cross and other international charities are receiving several million dollars’ donations from TK Kramer Foundation. It is now a days constructing massive international real estate projects. TK Reality Show, TK products designs, branding is their project. Besides that, TK mineral water, TK energy drink, TK fashion, TK spices, TK beachwear, TK cigar, TK liners, custom paid apartments, car, boat are its products.

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