• Woman killed in NWA drone attack

      October 25, 2012
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      MIRANSHAH: A woman was killed and her two children were seriously injured when a US drone fired two missiles on them in Tappi village on the Mir Ali-Miranshah Road on Wednesday, villagers and government officials said. Other reports, however, said the drone fired two missiles on a house and killed four people. Three other people, they said, were injured in the drone attack.

      Villagers and government officials claimed the drone fired two missiles and targeted the wife of retired school headmaster Reshmeen Khan in Tappi village. They said the woman was taking a buffalo to the house from a nearby field along with her two children when she came under attack from the US attack from the US spy plane. The woman and her buffalo were killed on the spot while her children were seriously injured. The children were later taken to the hospital in Mir Ali.

      Doctors said both of them were burnt and in critical condition.The villagers said four drones hovering over the area were seen during the attack. They claimed one of the drones fired two missiles that hit the woman in the field with her buffalo.

      They also said that two goats were also killed in the missile attack. Government officials said it was 39th drone attack in North Waziristan this year.

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