• Sindh in hurry to confirm 70 police officers

      October 14, 2012
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      ISLAMABAD: The PPP government is all set to en-cadre over 70 Superintendents of Police (SPs) from Sindh, most of whom have political backing and who got out-of-turn promotions, into the Police Service of Pakistan on 17th of this month, documents available with The News reveal.

      Political backing of police officers resulting in their out-of-turn promotion and award of backdated seniority has ruined the structure of police service in Sindh, experts say.

      Moreover, documents disclose that the seniority of these SPs has not been finalised yet but the Establishment Division, for reasons best known to it, is in hurry to get these officers inducted into the Police Service of Pakistan. Many enlisted in the seniority list sent by Sindh government to the Establishment Division have already been inducted into the Police Service of Pakistan.

      Well-placed sources in the Establishment Division told this correspondent that an officer cannot be promoted till his seniority is finalised but the PPP government is hell bent on getting these officers in the PSP. The sources said that there are some 73 posts of SPs available and the DPC would only rubber-stamp the induction of seventy-three into PSP. The sources said that the day Supreme Court took action against out-of-turn promotions the Sindh government came up with an ordinance to protect them. “And now they same promotees are being taken into the PSP.”

      The sources added that in the next step these SPs would get backdated seniority, which has been granted to a few officers during the current government’s tenure.

      The Establishment Division has written a letter bearing No. 6(1)/2012-E-3 (Police) to chief secretary Sindh informing him that meeting of Departmental Promotion Committee to consider the case of Sindh provincial police officers for appointment in Police Service of Pakistan has been scheduled for 17-10-2012. The letter has also requested the chief secretary Sindh to depute secretary services, S&GAD Sindh to attend the meeting as member of the DPC. The other two members of the DPC are Munir Ahmad, special secretary Establishment Division and Muhammad Asif, joint secretary (E) Establishment Division, Islamabad.

      Interestingly, the Establishment Division is blindly relying on a seniority list of 105 such officers who have been promoted as SP but have not been inducted in the PSP. The list, a copy of which has been obtained by The News, is dated 07-04-2011 and clearly says, “The seniority of all out-of-turn promotees after insertion of rule 9-A of Sindh Civil Servants Act, 1973 is to be reviewed in the light of rule-8B by a committee to be formed by chief secretary Sindh and in accordance with the decision of Honorable High Court of Sindh in the review petition. Therefore, the seniority of these officers will be subject to the finalisation of C.P. No. D-1595/2005 and subsequent decision of review committee.”

      The sources said that the blue-eyed officers, mostly rankers, who are linked with the high and mighty are being awarded the backdated seniority and are being promoted without fulfilling the requisites of promotion at the cost of honest and upright police officers whose seniority has been affected.

      The seniority list of Sindh SPs sent to the Establishment Division also includes the names of Attaullah K Chandio, Syed Ghayasuddin Rashidi, Abdul Ahad Sangri, and Abdul Hadi Bullo who have already been inducted in the PSP and have been awarded backdated seniority. According to a notification dated May 22, 2012, Attaullah K Chandio was promoted to BPS-19 in PSP with immediate effect. According to another document he was given backdated seniority from 01-07-1999 through a notification dated September 7, 2011 bearing no. 7/5/2007-E-3 (Police). The Supreme Court in its Karachi violence judgement also mentioned that Attaullah K Chandio was absorbed in the police service from Solicitor Department with effect from 1.6.1995.

      Another notification dated February 3, 2012 says, “Pursuant to the High Court of Sindh, Karachi order dated 21-01-2010 passed in CP No.D-1358 of 2008 (misc no. 548/2010) the competent authority has been pleased to amend the date of appointment of Syed Ghayasuddin Rashidi (PSP-18) in Police Service of Pakistan as 01-07-1999 instead of 19-10-2010 notified in this division’s notification of even number dated 19-10-2010.” Another one dated March 14, 2012 reads that Abdul Ahad Sangri and Abdul Hadi Bullo are being appointed in Police Service of Pakistan as of 01-07-1999 instead of 25-10-2011.

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