• Corruption in Pakistan most disliked phenomenon

      October 07, 2012
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      ISLAMABAD: Responding to the question, ‘What do you dislike most about Pakistan?’ as many as 16 percent of Pakistanis termed corruption the leading issue which they cited in self-critical reflections as the most pressing problem being faced by Pakistanis, says a press release.

      However, 22 percent Pakistanis, while responding to the question, said that they did not find anything about their country they disliked. The Gilani Research Foundation survey was carried out by Gallup Pakistan. A nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked the question. Responding to this, corruption tops the list. It is cited by 16 percent of Pakistanis. Other most disliked aspects of Pakistan include inflation (11 percent), terrorism (8 percent), unemployment (7 percent), politics (5 percent), loadshedding (5 percent), the current government (4 percent), the educational system (2 percent) and others (17 percent). It is worth noting that 22 percent of Pakistanis say there is ‘nothing’ they dislike about their country. However, 3 percent did not give any response.

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