• S Asian govts urged to ensure rights of citizens

      September 23, 2012
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      GENEVA: Human rights campaigners have called on the South Asian governments to take serious notice of the recommendations of the rights groups and take effective measures to protect the rights of vulnerable sections who suffer discrimination on the basis of race, religion, nationality and caste.

      At a seminar here at the United Nations organised by the CIRAC which explored the state of human rights in Pakistan, India and held Kashmir and other South Asian nations, it was felt that human rights of various communities have only deteriorated further and at a faster speeder than before than in the last several years, creating frictions and hatred amongst nations and communities. The deterioration of basic human rights of people covered all areas, including the social, economic and political rights of people, linked with the regional, historic and political tensions as well as the global economic meltdown.

      It was suggested that measures must be taken to ensure that the states should ensure the safety and protection of their subjects in every possible way and just not pay the lip service.

      Chairman United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP) told the seminar that the situation of human rights in whole of the south Asian region is not satisfactory to the international standards. He expressed concern for those who bear consequences as a result of speaking up for human rights of the oppressed classes. “It is unfortunate that human rights abuses have been overshadowed by the so-called war on terror in our region,” he said.

      He referred to the rights violations of different religious minorities in Pakistan and called on the state to give them rights and equal treatment.

      Dr Iftikhar Ayaz, Senator World Nations Congress, reminded Pakistani government that human rights are the roots of democracy and the unification, peace and prosperity of all people.

      He added: “The People of Pakistan all over the world aspire to see Pakistan develop into a successful, exemplary democracy as envisioned by Quad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and for that, it is vital that all Pakistanis, whatever their faith or creed, are fully integrated and involved in the current democratic electoral process with assurance of the security of all their human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

      Dr Syed Nazir Gilani of Jammu & Kashmir Council for Human Rights (JKCHR) called for the support of equality of people and right of self-determination and appreciated the decision of the UN Human Rights Council in flagging peace as “a human right” and appointing an Independent Expert for the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order. He urged upon the civil society to demand peace, so that all human beings can enjoy security, development, justice and human rights. “Wherever harmony and solidarity reign, there is no need to use force — domestically or internationally,” he stated.

      Prof. Riyaz Punjabi, ex-Vice Chancellor Kashmir University, Prof. Nebo Dimitrijevic, a former EU diplomat, Italian politician Filip Ferreira Amaro, Farag Aziz, a former Organization of African Unity diplomat, and Maluza Wasiluado Mavula also addressed the seminar.

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