• Millions not paid by Sindh govt, state-owned bodies in motor tax

      February 01, 2014
      Print : Islamabad

      Thirty departments of the Sindh government and 27 semi-government and autonomous bodies have not paid Rs309.6 million in Motor Vehicle Tax.

      Interestingly, the Excise Department, which is responsible for collecting this tax, is also a defaulter of Rs1.7 million for not depositing the tax of its 69 vehicles.

      These departments did not pay Rs309.6 million for 4,853 vehicles despite many requests and reminders of the Sindh Excise and Taxation Department.

      According to the official record of the Excise Department (copies available with The News) Sindh Government’s 30 departments did not pay the Motor Vehicle Tax of Rs289.416 for their 2,698 vehicles. Moreover, semi-government departments and autonomous bodies have not paid Rs201.8m for their 2155 vehicles.

      Sources in the Sindh government told The News that on the one hand these departments did not pay the tax on vehicles and, on the other, these defaulting departments did not register their newly purchased vehicles in the last many years and these vehicles are moving with fake number plates.

      Some of these are plying with old double triple number plates and in some cases these vehicles are moving with the number plates like GS 2014, GA 2014 or AFR 2014 (Applied for Registration).

      According to the Sindh Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, 1958 and Motor Vehicle Rules, 1959, every vehicle has to register within 30 days and the owner has to pay the Motor Vehicle Tax every year.

      It is worth noting that the main department of Sindh Government, Sindh Police which is responsible for maintaining law and order and taking action against these such vehicles along with Excise Department, is the biggest defaulter of this tax as it has to pay Rs39.834 million and another Rs419.346 for its vehicles purchased after 2007 which are moving with fake number plates.

      Services and General Administration Department (S&GAD), the main administrative department of the Sindh government, is also among the defaulters, as it did not deposit Rs5.021m for its 487 vehicles.

      The local government department did not deposit Rs3.448 million for its 273 vehicles; health department did not deposit Rs3 million for 224 vehicles; population welfare did not deposit Rs2.2 million for 105 vehicles; Sindh Board of Revenue did not deposit Rs0.779 million for 125 vehicles; finance department did not deposit Rs6,35176 for 169 vehicles; planning and development department did not deposit Rs517,196 for 88 vehicles; home department did not deposit Rs435,506 for 58 vehicles; education department did not deposit Rs391,832 for 362 vehicles; food department did not deposit Rs140.044 for 42 vehicles and labour department did not pay Rs215,384 for 16 vehicles.

      On the other hand Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is the defaulter of Rs119,585 for its 135 vehicles; Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is defaulter of Rs2.167 million for 359 vehicles; Port Qasim Authority (PQA) did not deposit Rs337,702 for 166 vehicles; National Highway Authority (NHA) did not pay Rs3.206 million for 170 vehicles; State Life Insurance is defaulter of Rs472,944 for 69 vehicles: Wapda is defaulter of Rs5.2 million for 227 vehicles; Karachi Port Trust is defaulter of Rs594,962; Export Processing Zone has to pay Rs168,910; Nadra is defaulter of Rs1.07 million for 90 vehicles; Clifton Cantonment Board Karachi is defaulter of Rs2.207 million for 113 vehicles; EOBI is defaulter of Rs320,910 for 79 vehicles; PTCL is defaulter of Rs1.46 million for 76 vehicles; Bahria Foundation is defaulter of Rs20,338 for 8 vehicles; Dow University is defaulter of Rs30,050 for 19 vehicles; OGDC is defaulter of Rs336,837 for 21 vehicles and Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) has to pay Rs33,200 for its 13 vehicles.

      Director excise and taxation Sindh Waheed Shaikh confirming the figures said that excise department had many times written letters to the defaulters and also many reminders had been sent but the departments are reluctant to pay.

      He said that a committee had been formed on this issue on the directions of chief secretary Sindh.

      Secretary general administration department Waseem Ahmed told The News that all vehicles used by the Sindh government departments including S&GAD are registered, some motor tax was not deposited and a committee set up on the directions of chief secretary Sindh is looking into the matter. A letter has been sent to the Sindh finance department and funds will be released soon.

      Mashood Tajwar, spokesman for PIA, said that accounts will be checked and if any default on the part of PIA is found we will deposit the amount. He said there could be some negligence at the lower level and the matter will be solved very soon.

      Spokesman for CAA Abid Kaimkhani said that record has been checked and there is no default on the part of Authority.

      He said there could be a fault in the system of the excise department and we will contact them at the department level and ask them why they have put the name of the Authority in the defaulters list.

      Mr Kaimkhani said there are 64 vehicles at the head office and 42 at airports and all are registered and tax has been paid up to date.

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