• Ports handling

      January 30, 2014
      Print : Business

      The Karachi Port and Port Qasim handled a cargo volume of 154,133 tons during the last 24 hours that included 83,488 tons of imports and 70,645 tons of exports, the two ports reported on Wednesday.

      Accordingly, the Karachi Port handled imports, including containerised cargo (31,029 tons) and oil /liquid cargo (12,490 tons). It handled exports, including containerised cargo (25,647 tons), bulk cargo (3,400 tons) and oil / liquid cargo (2,500 tons).

      Port Qasim handled imports, including steel coil (4,809 tons), containerised cargo (17,766 tons), edible oil (8,269 tons) and iron ore (9,125 tons). It exported containerised cargo (21,504 tons), rice (5,723 tons) and cement (11,871 tons). Berth occupancy was measured at 65 percent at the port on Tuesday, it said. It said that it moored three ships during the last 24 hours, which were carrying containers, steel coil and edible oil. A total of seven ships loaded and offloaded containers, cement, rice, steel coil, iron ore and edible oil. The Karachi Port Trust said that it berthed five ships in the last 24 hours, which were carrying containers and tankers, while another nine ships, carrying containers, project cargo, general cargo, ethanol and mogas, are expected to arrive at the port in the next 24 hours.

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