• Regional fistula conference from today

      March 04, 2011
      Print : Karachi


      A three-day regional fistula conference is being held in Karachi from Friday to Sunday to highlight the disease condition, mainly among women.

      The conference is organized by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

      Fistula is a severe medical condition in which a fistula (hole) develops between either the rectum and vagina or between the bladder and vagina after severe or failed childbirth when adequate medical care is not available.

      “Every year, around four thousand women in Pakistan develop fistula due to improper or lack of health facilities during childbirth and suffer for their entire life although the disease is completely treatable through surgery,” Dr Shershah Syed, a renowned gynecologist and President of the Pakistan National Forum on Women Health, said while addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Thursday.

      Fistula experts from the United States, Egypt, France, Nepal, Nigeria and other countries will attend the conference to share their experiences of treating the disease with local surgeons and midwives, he said.

      Dr Shershah maintained that midwives would also be attending the conference during which they would be trained to provide better care to pregnant women to avoid fistula condition.

      The conference will be inaugurated on Friday at 05:00pm at the Liaquat National Hospital Auditorium Karachi in collaboration with the Pakistan National Forum on Women’s Health. Known artist Sheema Kermani will present her play “Genital Tract Fistula” on the occasion.

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