• Call to remove Islamic chapter from Education Policy

      November 24, 2010
      Print : Lahore


      A SEMINAR on ‘Civic Education in Schools’ organised by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Tuesday recommended the government to take out a chapter on Islamic education from National Education Policy 2009 in view of the 18th Amendment.

      The seminar was attended by experienced educationists, senior teachers, curriculum experts and human rights observers.

      The seminar recommended a critical evaluation of the 2006 social studies and Pakistan studies curriculum in respect of citizenship education. The government was asked to remove time gap between the policy formulation and implementation. The need for organising periodic refresher courses for teachers on social studies and to improve the examination system to discourage learning by rote was stressed. The participants strongly urged the government to revise the National Textbooks and Learning Material Policy 2007 in view of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution. The participants recommended recourse to courts of law to challenge violations of religious rights in learning material.

      The participants of the seminar said that schoolchildren’s education in elements of civics must begin at an elementary level to inculcate to them a sense of good citizenship and the primary curriculum and textbooks must sow the seeds of tolerance, gender equality and human rights.

      The seminar took note of the fact that civic education at schools now started in the ninth class and emphasised a review of the curriculum to carefully introduce education in civic matters at the primary level.

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