• Burgeoning menace—III

      November 10, 2010
      Print : National

      Following is the continuation of the article published on November 9, 2010, issue of The News. Arguments for and against the proposed provinces will always be there and that is what must happen during a healthy debate. Final decision may only be taken when majority of the people concerned are on board. Amongst other factors taken into account for making this suggestion are history and culture of the region and demands of people raised from time to time. Voices in favour of reviving former states of Bahawalpur and Kalat as provinces were echoed long ago and have been repeated many times. Demand for Siraiki province was always there and supported by several nationalist parties.

      It may never be possible to carry out perfect demarcation of federal entities to achieve an absolute evenness. However most of the suggested provinces will have a good ratio between the population and resources of each province. The suggested demarcation and creation of new provinces is going to institute long desired but denied sense of participation in managing the affairs of state by common local people. It will certainly improve governance and delivery of service to people. This will however be possible only if no new restrictions or conditions are applied and provinces are allowed to organise and work in accordance with their rights, privileges and parameters accrued from the constitution of Pakistan. Most of the problems of common man relating to health, education, justice and administrative issues will come within easy and manageable reach. The suggested provinces are shown with provincial and district boundaries in the annexed map of Pakistan. Some districts may have to be divided/adjusted in order to conform to the local conditions and/or administrative constraints subject to willingness of the people.

      Proposed demarcation of provinces It has been assumed that current allocation of National Assembly seats for each district/territory will automatically be applicable to the new/suggested province in which respective district(s) are included. This arrangement will bring in much desired even influence of provinces in national affairs and decision making.

      It may be noted that National Assembly seats allocated to Fata have been included in suggested provinces to which respective territory(s) will join.

      Current number of seats in National Assembly Most of the people in Pakistan consider the “Senate” as merely a debating forum without any meaningful contribution towards legislation and effective role in check and balance system.

      To be continued

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