• 125m people suffer psoriasis

      October 30, 2010
      Print : Lahore


      INTERNATIONAL Day for Psoriasis observed for the first time in the country while Pakistan Psoriasis Foundation (PPF) was also inaugurated at a local dermatology centre in Lahore,

      The International Psoriasis Day is observed every year on October 29. Addressing audience, the foundation’s patron Dr Azim Jehangir Khan, Professor of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery at Allama Iqbal Medical College and Jinnah Hospital Lahore, said that it was extremely important to educate patients, family and society that Psoriasis was not a contagious disease and patients should have not been discriminated against.

      This is a completely curable disease with the help of topical medications for the use on skin in form of creams and ointments or a latest treatment using ultraviolet light called as Narrow Band UVB and in some cases oral medications.

      He further said that Psoriasis was a condition in which very thick, silver or white scales are formed on the skin of the head, elbows and knees typically.

      These areas may range from one to several centimetres. Many times, the whole or most part of the body may be involved. The exact cause is not known but one’s own immunity working against some skin cells causes the thick and silvery scales in the disease. Dr Khan said that most of the patients started to have the disease in their 20s and its symptoms increased and decreased throughout their lives. Sometimes, it can affect joints called as Psoriasis Arthritis. In children sometimes, the disease may precipitate by sore throat. He also read the special message of President of International Foundation for Psoriasis Associations (IFPA) Executive Committee, Lars Ettarp from Geneva for participants, which stated, “Dear friends and Psoriasis patients in Pakistan, as President of IFPA and on behalf of IFPA Executive Committee I want to forward our warm greetings of encouragement and empowerment to you on World Psoriasis Day. World Psoriasis Day is a global event to raise awareness about psoriasis and gives an international voice to more than 125 million people around the world who suffers from psoriasis. We are pleased to hear about your plans to form a national psoriasis association in Pakistan. We fully endorse you and can not enough underline the importance of forming a psoriasis association in order to organize yourselves and this way enforce your interests as psoriasis patients and to gain attention in your country in various questions and areas related to the disease. We wish you the best of luck

      and success in the founding of your psoriasis patient organization and please feel welcome to contact IFPA if we can be of assistance or help with advice in the developing process.” Dr. Khan also encouraged dermatologists and Psoriasis patients to be an active part of PPF.

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