• Balakot-Naran Road reopening soon, says FWO official

      October 17, 2010
      Print : Peshawar

      MANSEHRA: Balakot-Naran Road would be reopened for all sort of traffic within a week, an official said on Saturday.

      The road was closed due to landsliding a month back.

      “We are not allowing people to travel on the road owing to continuous landsliding,” Brigadier Shamsul Munir, the in-charge Frontier Work Organisation (FWO) for Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir region, told reporters by telephone.

      The people of Kaghan valley are suffering a lot owing to the road blockade.

      Brigadier Shams said a team of geologists from Austria had been invited to Kaghan valley recently for a comprehensive report on continues landslides in the valley and its causes.

      Brigadier Shams said that as per the Austrian geologists’ report, the cracks that occurred during the October 8, 2005 earthquake had widened and caused continuous landsliding in the valley. He said two makeshift bridges would be erected at two sides of 300-metre area in Malkundi.

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