• Road safety programmes for children urged

      October 12, 2010
      Print : Islamabad

      Islamabad: Road safety professionals have urged the concerned authorities to devise a comprehensive road safety programme so as to educate the school children for creating awareness among them.

      Road safety activists while talking to APP on Monday said that programme should be included in school curriculum and make it a part of the basic education. They said that a formal road safety education in an educational environment outside the school is also an effective mean of road safety training.

      They were of the view that education should be based on practical training in a realistic road environment such as training in crossing roads, crossing near parked cars and crossing at intersections.

      “Training should be regular, frequent and combined with practice”, they said. They further said that training must take into account the educational, cultural, transport and financial circumstances.

      “Parents should be active participants in developing children’s road safety skills and should have a clear understanding of their developmental ability as pedestrians and passengers”, adding that safety preparedness programs are more likely to be effective when parents are involved.

      They said that creating a parental role within road safety education is helpful to the student’s internalisation of the information and positive road safety behaviour. “Parental involvement may also influence parents to become better role models for road safety like wearing a seat belt, not exceeding speed limit, refraining from reckless driving”, they concluded.

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