• Women in Bahawalpur

      August 29, 2010
      Print : Newspost

      As a resident of Bahawalpur I wish to object in the strongest possible terms at the way this city was described in a piece by your correspondent Ahmad Noorani. His report contained the following lines..."In Bahawalpur, a backward area where the movement of women outside the home is a crime..." thus implying that women here are as constrained as they are in the more conservative parts of the country. This makes no sense. I suggest that Mr Noorani pays a visit to any

      of our excellent bazaars on any day of the week to see the women of Bahawalpur shopping for clothes and food, take a look inside the teaching hospital that is brimming with local women who are doctors and nurses, or take time to contemplate the nearly-finished vocational college for women on the airport road. When he has done all that he can visit any of the several campuses of our university to cast his eye over the many hundreds of women studying there. On his way back he might like to note the women working in the fields and the women who drive past him in their cars. I always thought that being a reporter meant that you dealt in objective truths. Clearly, I was wrong.

      Chris Cork