German photographer wants people to see the world through his eyes

January 25,2014

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Passionate about explorative travelling and trans-border assignments, renowned German artist and photographer Manolo Ty (common name Manuel Tysarzik) is in town with a collection of striking photographs which seek to promote tolerance and understanding among the cultures and religions of the world. The photographs will be featured at Minerva’s weekly Coffee Schmooze here today (Saturday).
The Coffee Schmooze is a weekly schmoozing event launched by Minerva to give like-minded individuals, who share a certain interest, to network, share ideas, give and receive feedback, and make new friends — all this over a cup of coffee.
“Having visited 80 countries of the world, I see my travel photography as one of my most important works. My approach to photography is based on my belief in the unity of the world. I am curious about cultures, and willing to learn and share my own experiences,” Manolo mentions in a written statement.
A preview of Manolo’s travel and lifestyle photography shows him as a person whose focus is set on exploring the relationship between man and nature. “I understand the natural environment surrounding us as perfect, and any form of art just a way to imitate this beauty. My camera accompanies me on all my travels as I want to capture the right moment whenever I see it,” he confirmed.
Manolo’s mission is to have exhibitions around the world. “I want people to see the world through my eyes. When I travel, I don’t just do so for myself but for everybody who is not able to do the same,” he mentioned.
This is Manolo’s first visit to Pakistan, and the first time that his work is being exhibited in Islamabad. “I heard about his visit to Pakistan from a photographer friend. She told me that Manolo was planning to exhibit in Islamabad and was also interested in a workshop, but was short of time,” the CEO of Minerva, Sana Khalid, shared when asked.
We had planned a Coffee Schmooze for young entrepreneurs this weekend, Sana added, but decided that while young entrepreneurs could be scheduled for another weekend, Manolo may not be back again anytime soon. “We, therefore, immediately decided to seize the opportunity and to enable our fellow photographers to meet a professional who could give insight into his vast travelling experiences and how that changed his perspective,” she said.
So that is how Minerva pitched in the idea for Manolo to be its featured guest at the Coffee Schmooze. The photographer will get the opportunity to interact, exhibit his work, and share his experiences from travelling and photography while also hearing from the people he gets to meet.
Manolo’s work is a series of photographs from around the world, which makes it very interesting to compare landscapes, people and lifestyles. Born in Hagen, Germany, he left Germany in 2006 only to return to his home country four years later with a completely different world image. He photographed in Europe, East and Southeast Asia and Central and South America.
The camera is Manolo’s tool for instinctively capturing the perfect moment on an ever-changing nature. Travel experiences influenced his approach to photography and instilled in him, the importance of his relationship to the subject, developing an excellence in shooting photo-reportage. The move to Berlin expanded his expertise, now also focusing on both a traditional approach to portraiture as well as on contemporary fashion photography. He will also be sharing his experiences in the domain of fashion photography.
In 2010, Manolo opened his own Berlin-based art and design company E2, which features international contemporary artists with a focus on photography-based works. He is member of and curator at the international photography gallery KON (KünstlerOhneNamen) and participates in various non-profit public art events. Since 2010, Manolo has been living and working in Berlin.
Manolo exhibits in galleries and public spaces worldwide. Aside from Germany, he has had solo exhibitions in Iran, Turkey, Switzerland, the UK, Belgium, Spain, and Hungary, and group exhibitions in the UAE, Japan, the US, and Morocco, among numerous other countries.
From the landscapes of Yangshuo, China, and the sunset of Nicaragua and Bogotá, to the cityscapes of Morocco, Bolivia, Indonesia, and Spain, as well as the Bosporus in Turkey, the cove castles in Anguilla, the skyline of Singapore, and the fairs of Portugal, Manolo has captured them all, and has done a splendid job indeed.
People with a passion for travel and lifestyle photography must not miss the event, which will be held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. today at House no. 4-A, Street 55, F-7/4.


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