VIDEO: 'Creepy' humanoid robot gets employed at Museum of Future

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October 14, 2022

Ameca, who cannot currently walk, can speak various languages and guide tourists by giving them directions

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Humanoid robot Ameca standing with human Aya.— Gulf News

The Museum of Future in Dubai has added to its staff a humanoid robot named Ameca, who can not only greet tourists but guide people by giving them directions.

Ameca, who cannot currently walk, can also speak various languages. ARN News reported that they are striving to make the android more like humans.

A video released by the museum shows the robot talking with a fellow employee named Aya, who is a human.

The caption read: "Ameca, the most advanced Humanoid Robot in the world joins the Museum of the Future team."

In the short clip, Ameca can be seen having a discussion with Aya in the Arabic language.

Users have expressed their awe and surprise at the robot calling it "amazing and scary at the same time".

"I wonder how much AI and robotics will advance by 2071," a user wrote.

"Creepy and sweet," remarked another.

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