Natasha Baig's stance on Abdullah Qureshi's decision of leaving the music industry

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October 06, 2022

Singer Abdullah Qureshi quits music industry

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Singer Abdullah Qureshi quits music industry

Pakistani Singer Natasha Baig gave her opinion over Abdullah Qureshi’s decision to quit music industry due to religious reasons.

Baig, on her Instagram story, wrote: “I will never appreciate those musicians who leave behind their career in the name of awakening. Coz that proves the wrong narrative that has been attached with music. So please go ahead and congrats on your awakening but do not make us look like villains in the process.”

She further added: “Your act might be something which Islam never appreciates but music is divine and it has nothing to do with any sinful act unless you are unable to control your nafs and nafs can become a problem in any profession.”

Singer Abdullah Qureshi recently announced that he is leaving the music industry because of religious reasons and he will not be performing in concerts anymore. Also he will not appear in advertisements any longer.

Qureshi said that he would rather only appear for work that interests him or falls within the religious boundaries.

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