Here’s why Kim Kardashian reportedly wants to befriend Florence Pugh

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October 03, 2022

Kim Kardashian reportedly trying to bring Florence Pugh into her social circle, claims insider

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Here’s why Kim Kardashians reportedly wants to befriend Florence Pugh

Kim Kardashian has been eyeing Florence Pugh to become a part of her social circle after she was impressed by her performance in Don’t Worry Darling.

The reality TV star has been gushing about the Black Widow actor after witnessing her phenomenal acting prowess in the movie also starring Harry Styles in lead role.

“Kim’s been raving about Florence to everyone who’ll listen and is now on a mission to bring her into the Kardashians’ social circle,” the source told Heat Magazine.

“She’d already heard great things about Flo, and now she’s seen ‘Don’t Worry Darling’. Kim can’t stop going on about how she’s got it all – talent, charisma, a beautiful hourglass figure, and bone structure to die for.

“They have a bunch of friends in common and have attended a few of the same events in the past, but never got the chance to fully hang out,” the insider added. “Kim wants to change that.”

Previously, The Kardashian star hailed the hotly released psychological thriller as she wrote on Instagram, “I watched Don’t Worry Darling this weekend. I REALLY liked it! It’s really good!”

She further added that the former One Direction band member was “so good,” adding, “and I am now obsessed with Florence Pugh.”

“She’s beyond an amazing actress and she’s so pretty, too,” penned Kardashian.

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