Who’s responsible for PMO’s security breach, asks Imran

Bureau report
October 01, 2022

I am not afraid of going to jail and losing my life, says former prime minister

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PTI chairman Imran Khan. —Facebook

PESHAWAR: PTI chairman Imran Khan on Friday asked who was responsible for the security breach at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Imran’s statement comes after a steady stream of audio recordings surfaced of late, of allegedly candid conversations never meant to be heard by the public, of government figures in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Earlier, Imran Khan claimed that NRO was being given to the corrupt and reiterated his avowed pledge of giving a call to the people for achieving true independence. “I am not afraid of going to jail and losing my life. The NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) is being given to the people, who have looted the country,” he told students at Edwardes College here.

Minister for Higher Education Kamran Bangash, Minister for Finance Taimur Jhagra and other PTI leaders were present on the occasion. Imran Khan said that corruption cases were being abolished under a deal while the courts had failed to bring the thieves to justice. There was no difference between an apolitical person and an animal, he added. “If someone says he is apolitical you should know there is no difference between him and an animal,” he claimed.

“I ask the protectors of the country how can they be neutral when the country is being looted?. And who would protect the country if the neutrals were engaged in gagging the media? he questioned.

He said that if the robbers were looting a house, could the guards say that they were neutral. “Is this the job of the protectors of the country to hunt the social media users and shut down the media?” he said.

Reiterating his stance to fight corruption and uphold rule of law, Imran Khan said that a society, which did not rise against injustice and oppression, was destined to face annihilation. He added that a society could only survive if it was based on the principles of justice and rule of law.

The former prime minister said educational institutions produced leaders. “The best educational institutions produce the best leaders,” he added. He said no nation could thrive without upholding rule of law and ensuring justice. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the greatest leader of all times and he established a welfare state that ensured equal distribution of resources and provided justice to the people, he maintained.

The law should treat all and sundry equally and it should be applied to the rich and poor without any fear or favour, Imran Khan said, adding, under the present system, the weak ones went to jails and the resourceful and rich walked freely without facing the law.

The PTI leader said the “imported” government had paved the way for the corrupt practices by amending the relevant laws. He added that inflation had made life miserable for the poor. The former prime minister said the rupee had lost its value by 33 percent since this government took over. “Even the sensitive information is not secure,” he said, adding, the time had come for the nation to take to the streets against the corrupt. He claimed that the country was faced with the threat of default, inflation was skyrocketing while the debt was rising.

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