Gemma Atkinson's thoughts on Netflix's 'Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Story'

Gemma Atkinson reveals how Netflix’s new crime series 'Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Story' has blown her mind

By Web Desk
September 29, 2022

Gemma Atkinson reveals how Netflix’s new series 'Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Story' has blown her mind

Gemma Atkinson has shared why the Netflix show about the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has blown her away.

Netflix’s new crime series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has grabbed immense attention from viewers since its release on September 21.

The autobiographical show revolves around the murders by the legendary killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed 17 boys and men from the late 70s to the early 90s.

British model and actress Gemma Atkinson took to Instagram, to express how the series gave her "literal chills".

Her post read: "What the hell? I'm on episode 6, thoughts? And those police! Having SO many opportunities to catch him. How awful it must have been/still be for the victims of those families to go through and now relive it all."

According to Mirror, some fans got so sick of the visuals that they could not make it through the first chilling episode.

One viewer wrote: "The story of Jeffrey Dahmer is absolutely insane, got me sick to my stomach."

While another tweeted: "Watching this series on ⁦Netflix. Dahmer acting is outstanding, but I absolutely appreciate the victim's stories this dude was beyond sick."

The 10-episodic thriller drama stars Evan Peters in the lead role and features the stories of victims and why justice was delayed for them.