Jay Shetty says Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez's wedding was ‘absolutely beautiful’

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September 27, 2022

Jay Shetty reflects on Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez's dreamy Georgia wedding

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Jay Shetty says Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez's wedding was ‘absolutely beautiful’

Jay Shetty reflected on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding saying that the ceremony was "absolutely beautiful."

The former monk told Entertainment Tonight that leading the ceremony of one of the most beloved couples of Hollywood was an "honour."

"It was absolutely beautiful," the Think Like a Monk author told the outlet. "And I'm gonna let them share more. But it was truly special — it's beautiful to celebrate love."

"I met Jennifer a couple of years ago," Shetty added. "She's just been absolutely phenomenal. We've collaborated a bunch of times and I got to meet Ben through the process, which was wonderful."

The podcast host has previously officiated the wedding of Emily in Paris star Lily Collins and director Charlie McDowell in Colorado in September 2021.

Shetty even invited Lopez to his On Purpose podcast back in March 2021 following which the actor invited him to officiate four weddings during a concert before Marry Me release.

“When Jennifer Lopez asks you to officiate four weddings and speak on the power of love during her Marry Me Special Performance you say yes,” Shetty wrote in a Facebook caption.

“What an incredible experience it was seeing four beautiful couples take their vows and having Jennifer Lopez and Maluma as their wedding singers!

“Their stories and journeys brought tears to everyone’s eyes and I’m so grateful I got to be a part of it,” he added.

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