Imran Khan says PTI lawmakers will return to NA if 'threat letter' is probed

September 24, 2022

“We had good relations with the establishment, don’t know when and how they worsened,” Khan says

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Pakistan´s former Prime Minister Imran Khan (C) arrives to appear before the High Court in Islamabad on September 22, 2022. — AFP/File

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan on Saturday said that his party would return to the parliament if the American cipher is investigated.

Khan, who was speaking to journalists, was referring to a diplomatic cable from Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington Asad Majeed which he alleges contained comments by US Assistant Secretary of State for Central and South Asia Donald Lu regarding the vote of no-confidence against him.

On March 27, the former prime minister at a public gathering accused the US of interfering in Pakistan’s politics and plotting to oust his regime through a no-trust motion in the National Assembly.

As proof, the PM also carried a "threat letter" saying that "a foreign country" — referring to the United States — "has warned of dire consequences if I remain in power".

Speaking to journalists today, Khan also spoke of his party's relations with the establishment.

“We had good relations with the establishment, don’t know when and how they worsened,” Khan said.

He said that the government needs to have better relations with the establishment compared to the Opposition.

“How can we have links [with the establishment] while remaining in the Opposition?” Khan said, reiterating that his party is not in the government for their to be links with the establishment.

Commenting on Pakistan’s economy, Khan said: “The government has brought the country to a stage where it requires surgery, not medicine.”

The government has dismissed National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) cases worth 1,100 billion, the former prime minister said, adding that the priority of the ruling parties is to "have their corruption cases dismissed".

“Ishaq Dar is ready to return after his NAB case was dismissed. After Dar, Nawaz Sharif is also preparing to come back,” Khan claimed.

The PTI chief said that he will not repeat past mistakes if the party gets to rule again.

“It was PTI’s first time in government which is why mistakes were made,” the former PM admitted.

Commenting on PTI’s plans to bring back Pakistan’s economy on track, Khan said that the party has "comprehensive plans" in the works.

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