Meghan Markle ‘all bark and no bite’ in gender equality conversation’

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September 24, 2022

Royal experts criticize Meghan Markle’s attempts at engaging in social work

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Meghan Markle has come under fire for her allegedly ‘lacking contribution’ to the ‘fight for gender equality’.

Royal author and biographer Daniela Elser issued these insights in a new piece for the New Zealand Herald.

She started by issuing a disclaimer about Meghan Markle’s contributions and noted that while, “The Duchess of Sussex deserves huge and ongoing praise for her unwavering commitment to fighting for gender equality,” her work lacks a “meaty contribution to the conversation.”

She was also quoted saying, “Her steadfastness and dedication is truly inspiring.”

“But where things hit a serious speed bump is when it comes to the discrepancy between her headline-grabbing rhetoric and her actions.”

“Meghan's podcast series Archetypes, currently on hold after the Queen's death, seems much more of a PR exercise than a meaty contribution to the conversation.”

Before concluding she added, “Where Meghan the Feminist falls down is not her intentions (which are excellent) but what comes next. Speaking up is great but where is the follow through? What has she actually done?”

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