Sweet money

September 24, 2022

Sugarcane is an important cash crop for Pakistan. A large share of our arable land is devoted to its growth and the processing of this sugarcane into sugar has become our second largest industry after textiles. In August, according to the spokesman of the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association, there was 1.2 million tonnes of excess sugar stock available, not only for local consumption, but also for exports.


The sugarcane crushing season is fast approaching. If the sugar mills are allowed to export surplus sugar, they would be able to start sugarcane crushing on time and make timely payments to the growers. Furthermore, the country would benefit by earning the foreign exchange we so desperately need. If they are not allowed to export surplus sugar, the commodity might spoil in the warehouses and hence the mills would also not be able to pay farmers appropriately. In view of the above, the government is requested to allow the export of our surplus sugar stocks.

Khan Faraz