Four reason to watch Team Muhafiz

Ayeza Wasif
September 09, 2022

Here are four reasons to watch Team Muhafiz …

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Team Muhafiz, an initiative by ISPR and Geo TV, is based on inspirational stories of brave heroes in our society who fight against social evils. It aims to educate young minds so that they can learn to contribute in making this world a better place.

Here are four reasons to watch Team Muhafiz …

Encourages teamwork

Team work can do wonders. You will realize that you can do exceptionally well if you work in teams. Think of all the school group study sessions and projects you worked on with your fellow classmates!

It motivates us to do what’s right

People should stand against crimes like kidnapping and snatching. They should stage protest and not let bad things happen. Or, at least, we should support the people who are fighting against those bad forces.

Amazing dialogues and great voiceovers

The simple yet powerful dialogues make the series even more relevant for children to watch and get the message efficiently.

Also, celebrities Ahsan Khan, Sajal Aly, Wahaj Ali and other characters did a great job as voice-over artists.

Relevant themes

The themes selected by the producers are very relevant to what is happening around us. Unfortunately, people don’t raise their voice against injustice. Some of the themes highlighted in the series are terrorism, extortion, and child labour.

Shaadi Kay Laddoo - celebrating relationships

Shaan-e-Pakistan officially announced its upcoming show Shaadi Kay Laddoo at a press conference held recently in Karachi. The show is all set to be aired on TV channels, not only in Pakistan but internationally as well. Well-known celebrity panellists and media persons gathered to support this unique venture.

Talking about the show, CEO and Founder Shaan-e-Pakistan, Huma Nasr said, “I am pleased to announce Shaadi Kay Laddoo, which is a great show.” Weddings are always popular around the world, more so in Pakistan. I have designed this show to discuss marriage from various angles so everyone could learn something about relationships. Our discussions are meant to strengthen relationships between spouses, irrespective of where they come from, as human emotions are the same.”

Nasr also introduced Shaadi Bachao Programme to the audience and invited individuals and organisations to donate to her cause. Shaadi Bachao – a support group - will collaborate with mental health organisation experts to focus on Shaadi Bachao Programme. The official music score for the show titled Ishq Na Manne Koi Rule is sung by Hamza Akram Qawwal and Richa Sharma.

About Shaan-e-Pakistan Foundation: It aims to create a cultural exchange between countries through art, music, food and fashion. It aspires to not only promote established and emerging local talent, but also have an ongoing collaboration with international artisans from the world over.

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