Prince Harry ‘going to war’ against Queen Elizabeth : report

Prince Harry put on blast for ‘leading a rebellion against the Royal Family

By Web Desk
August 19, 2022
Prince Harry ‘going to war’ against Queen Elizabeth : report

Experts accuse Prince Harry of trying to lead a full-fledged rebellion against the Royal Family.

This observation has been made by Gareth Russell, in his interview with To Di For Daily.

He was quoted telling the podcast, “In many ways, Harry is leading a kind of rebellion against the values of the Queen Mother that still exist at the heart of the Royal Family.”

“It was the Queen Mother who coined that very famous phrase: ‘Never explain, never complain.’ She did not give interviews. She really resented giving interviews.”

In light of this, “That is just not something that would have sat with her.” But “That’s not to say that she was right and Harry’s wrong, or vice versa.”

“I can’t usually speculate, but with Elizabeth’s views on things like that, there is no doubt that she would not have thought that is the right thing to do.”