Prince Harry ‘destroying himself’ trying to ‘wiggle back’ into the Firm

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August 19, 2022

Experts warn Prince Harry is ‘only hurting himself’ by ‘holding on to a life that doesn’t want him’

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Prince Harry ‘destroying himself’ trying to ‘wiggle back’ into the Firm

Experts fear Prince Harry is ‘going down the rabbit hold’ and is “only hurting himself” by “holding onto a life and people that don’t want him.”

Royal expert and author Angela Epstein issued this accusation in her latest piece for Express UK.

There, she wrote, “Let this be the last word for Harry. The moment to put down his quill. Or as my late mother used to say when asked what made her a great mother-in-law to my husband and to my brother`s wife, ‘see all and say nothing’.”

“Because if he doesn`t complain and doesn`t explain then Harry will set himself free from, to paraphrase Hollywood movie Ghost, ‘holding on to a life that doesn't want him anymore’.”

“Even in light of the fact, the next few months are set to bring a flurry of books tipped to give new insight into the lives and behaviour of the Royal family.”

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