Queen Elizabeth ‘might die’ in October, claims ‘time traveller’

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August 17, 2022

A self-proclaimed time traveller on TikTok has made a bizarre claim about the Queen's health

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Queen Elizabeth, at age 96, has reportedly been struggling with recurring health and mobility issues, and now, in a rather crude joke, a self-styled ‘time traveller’ on TikTok has made startling claims about when she might pass away, reported International Business Times.

According to a TikTok user named timetraveler_2082, the long-reigning monarch may not have much longer to live, and while his comments are to be taken with a grain of salt, he says that she could die as early as this year in October.

Claiming to be ‘from the future’ and on the video-sharing app to ‘warn people’ of future events, the user stated: “In 2023 Big Ben collapses due to an unexpected earthquake. In 2030 GTA 7 is released. Queen Elizabeth II went in 2022 October 4th.”

While some may have found the joke funny, it is pertinent to note that royal enthusiasts have been worried about the Queen’s health for about a year now after she spent a night in the hospital last October.

She has since missed quite a bunch of important royal engagements, and reportedly requires the help of a walking stick and even a wheelchair in private.

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