Tumbling down

August 14, 2022

What exactly is our Independence Day? August 14 is recognized as the Independence Day of our country because that day led to the country earning its freedom. It marks the beginning of the struggle, the beginning of hope. The world has changed since 1947, but not much has changed for most Pakistanis. What progress we have made has not been shared equally. The quality of education, healthcare and even drinking water is not the same for all.

The public-sector organizations are going downhill as the persons in power and authority are looting them. A chosen few have become rich while the majority wallows in perdition. Every year the anti-graft and auditing authorities find vast quantities of missing money while justice for the perpetrators remains elusive. As Pakistan turns 75, it appears to be in a state of decline. How long it will take to reverse course is anyone’s guess.

Hashim Abro