Prince Harry ‘resenting the Royal Family’: ‘No longer cares for appearances’

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August 12, 2022

Prince Harry accused of ‘no longer caring’ about the Royal Family and the ‘appearances’ they need to maintain

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Royal experts believe Prince Harry’s growing resentment about the Firm ‘is making it impossible’ for him to ‘no longer care’ what his memoir does to the Royal Family.

This revelation has been made by royal commentator Angela Levin, in her interview with Palace Confidential.

She addressed Prince Harry’s growing bitterness and spoke of, “the areas that [Harry] would be talking about that might concern the palace.”

She claimed, “Well, I could stay here all day and tell you them. “What it is is washing dirty linen in public and it can be small things.”

“He’s supposed to be getting 13 million pounds for it so they want a story. And they won’t want how lovely everything is because that’s not going to work either is, is it?”

I think it could be a small argument between people that he would blow up. It could be revealing secrets about security. It could be almost anything…”

“The rumors are, of course, that he’s going to attack Camilla in the book but we don’t know whether that’s true at all.”

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