Amber Heard accused of ‘manipulating’ people with ‘maniacal meltdowns’

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August 12, 2022

Sources point out Amber Heard’s ‘manipulative’ tendencies and how she’d get away with ‘maniacal meltdowns’

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Amber Heard accused of ‘manipulating’ people with ‘maniacal meltdowns’

Amber Heard’s ‘maniacal meltdowns’ have been addressed by a source close to her inner circle.

This revelation has been made by a close pal of Amber Heard, with the pseudo name Gia.

She recalled Amber’s manipulation to House In Habit and admitted, “a few confessed to being so enthralled with Amber that they were willing to overlook toxic traits, drastic mood swings, and maniacal meltdowns to remain in her good graces.”

She also recalled conversations with some who “claimed she possessed a unique magnetism that allowed her to manipulate people to the extent she did.”

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