Mindy Kaling reveals she’s being called 'unattractive' while working on Mindy Project

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August 11, 2022

Mindy Kaling reacts to criticism about her appearance in latest interview

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Mindy Kaling reveals she’s being called unattractive while working on Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling recently opened up about being called “unattractive” by the media during the time when she was doing The Mindy Project.

“The amount of articles that were like, ‘It's so good for a culture that this unattractive woman is finally on camera,’” said in an interview with Marie Claire.

She continued, “I didn’t know I was so unattractive until I was the star of my own show.”

“So not having to see those things [now], that’s wonderful,” remarked the Late Night actress.

Nevertheless, Mindy shared that she had gained confidence over the time and would not let any criticism take away her shine.

“After being so unhappy in my teenage years and in my 20s … I feel so content now,” she noted, adding “I am so happy with my career. I love my family. I love my freedom. I have the freedom that comes with being financially stable, and I don't have to run anything by anybody.”

Meanwhile, on the professional front, the actress is working behind the scenes for the Netflix series Never Have I Ever.

Currently, she’s also developing the script for upcoming sequelLegally Blonde 3.

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