Lady Gaga is ‘absolute professional’ as she keeps her cool despite teddy bear thrown at her

Gaga’s Chromatica Ball tour will continue in New York City till August 11, with nine more North American dates (and two in Tokyo)

By Web Desk
August 11, 2022


The show must go on!

The pop icon, Lady Gaga gracefully continued her show despite the teddy bear thrown at her while performing live on stage in Toronto on Saturday.

The Oscar-winning actor, real name Stefani Germanotta,39, had to dodge the flying object mid-song as she wowed the audience at the Rogers Centre in Canada.

Footage taken from an audience member near the stage showed Gaga singing intently on the microphone as the teddy was launched causing her to swiftly move to one side to avoid it.

Afterward, she carried on like a true professional as if nothing had happened.

The fan who shared the clip on Twitter, Jo Shelton exclusively told Daily Mail media outlet of the incident: 'I decided to record a part of Gaga's finale because Hold My Hand is such a beautiful piece and is very meaningful to me.

'I accidentally got this incident on video, and at first we didn't know who threw it or what the object even was, probably due to the fact that Gaga is an absolute professional and did not miss a beat.

'I wanted to share it with other fans to discourage people from throwing things on stage because no matter how well intentioned you are, you can never predict where something will land when thrown.'

As Jo shared the clip on Twitter called out the dangers of objects being thrown at performers on stage, writing: 'how do some fans think this is okay... this is so dangerous and sad.

Another wrote: 'this is so not ok holy s**t' while another commented with angry face emojis.

It comes after the Grammy-winning performer shared a promotional teaser for the upcoming superhero movie Joker: Folie a Deux, as she confirmed she will star in the film.