Yeo Jin Goo receives a coffee truck by his friend Jungkook of BTS?

BTS’ Jungkook surprises his friend Yeo Jin Goo’s by sending him a coffee truck on his birthday

By Web Desk
August 07, 2022

BTS’s Jungkook surprises his friend Yeo Jin Goo on his birthday with a cute gesture.

On August 7, Yeo Jin Goo posted a picture on Instagram revealing the thoughtful gesture by Jungkook, while he was busy filming on the set of his upcoming film Ditto.


The truck and the coffee cups have cute messages embellished on them which portray Jungkook’s love for Yeo Jin Goo.

As the Instagram pictures show, the banner displayed on the top of the truck reads “Wishing actor Yeo Jin Goo a happy early birthday and cheering on the cast and crew of ‘Ditto’! From BTS’s Jungkook.”

Another banner on the left requests the director of the film as it says, “Director, please take good care of Jin Goo! From Jin Goo’s friend Jungkook.”

Meanwhile, the poster on the right refers to the name of Yeo Jin Goo’s character in the film, saying “Kim Yong… he’s already cool.”

Check it out Below:

The coffee cups also have cute stickers attached to them and the cup sleeves read “Jin Goo, your face has the power to move people. Agreed? Yep, agreed.”

Yeo Jin Goo appreciated the gesture in his Instagram post as he wrote, “Jungkook, your face and vocal tone and dancing and support have the power to move people. Agreed? Yep, agreed. Thank you, Koooooooook!!!!”