Inside Prince Charles, Boris Johnson 'tense' meeting: 'No bestfriends'

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July 07, 2022

Prince Charles not treated like a Future King by Boris Johnson

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Inside Prince Charles, Boris Johnson 'tense' meeting: 'No bestfriends'

Prince Charles and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson 2019 tense meeting has been laid bare.

The heir to the crown invited Boris over after he visited the Queen. It is reported by Daily Mail that things got tense between the two after disrespect from the latter.

The outlet adds that "eyebrows were raised" in the meeting.

One source said: "Let’s just say that the Prime Minister was not focused on the meeting with the Prince of Wales in a way one might expect.

"The Prince of Wales is used to meeting all sorts of people but among the aides, there was a feeling definitely that during the Birkhall meeting with Boris Johnson, he wasn’t being afforded the respect you might argue that he deserves as a senior public figure who works very hard for the country.

"The Prince wasn’t kicking up a fuss about it. It was more the staff who felt sorry on his behalf.

"The next time they met, it was sort of quashed. Things have got better, but they have never been what you might call the best of friends."

Meanwhile, Boris is fighting for his spot in politics after severe defamation due to COVID-19 parties in Downing street.

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