Jennifer Aniston makes an intern's day special by taking time out for interview

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July 06, 2022

Jennifer Aniston takes 20 minutes out from her busy schedule for an intern

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Jennifer Aniston spared time out from her busy schedule on movie set for an interview with a radio intern.

Author and podcaster Joe Pardavila detailed the incident in his upcoming book Good Listen: Creating Memorable Conversations in Business And Life recalling how the Friends’ alum agreed for the conversation.

Pardavila revealed that he was sent to conduct an interview of the actor on the Picture Perfect sets when he interned for Scott & Todd in the Morning on 95.5 PLJ but upon arriving Aniston’s bodyguard stopped him.

“He saw me and sensed what I was about to do. He made a beeline straight for me,” Pardavila claimed in his book.

“Holding up my radio mic, I said in my most soothing and innocent tone, ‘Hey, I only want to ask Jennifer a couple of questions, that’s all.’ The guard let me know that wasn’t going to happen. His tone was neither soothing nor innocent,” he added.

However, the 53-year-old star came out of her trailer upon hearing the conversation and said that she could not talk and went back inside.

But as Pardavila geared up to leave, “Jennifer Aniston had her assistant call the front desk at PLJ to say Jennifer felt badly about what happened. Better yet, she’d be happy to do an interview with the morning show.”

Aniston then “talked for twenty minutes with us about the movie she was making, her time on ‘Friends,’ everything you’d want to talk about with Jennifer Aniston,” Pardavila wrote.

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