Meghan Markle bullying verdict bashed: ‘What’s the point?’

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July 06, 2022

Meghan Markle’s bulling probe has been put on blast being ‘useless’

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Critics and experts have banded together to snub Meghan Markle’s bullying probe for being ‘senseless’.

The clap back has been issued by a source close to The Telegraph.

They went as far as to accuse the entire investigation of being ‘senseless’ and ‘of no use’.

Others were ‘boiling’ with rage over why the results have been buried.

For those unversed, prior to Meghan Markle’s admissions about bullying within the Firm, she was accused of forcing two personal assistants out of a job.

This uproar began a few days after a Palace source announced, “We recognise that those people who participated in the review participated on understanding there would be confidentiality in discussions with an independent legal firm.”

“We have a duty to respect that confidentiality. The objectives have been satisfied because lessons have been learned.”

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