Meghan Markle could 'wave goodbye' to privacy with US politics entry

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July 06, 2022

Meghan Markle will have to make great sacrifices with US politics entry

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Meghan Markle could 'wave goodbye' to privacy with US politics entry

Meghan Markle will have to juggle various things if she decides to join US politics.

Royal commentator and columnist Daniela Elser says that she will be intrigued to see the Duchess of Sussex run for President.

She wrote for "Ending up as Senator (or better) would give Meghan one thing that has truly eluded, even now despite her wealth and title: True power of her own and on her own terms."

Meghan's entry into politics would also mean "immense" sacrifices for her and Harry, adds the expert.

She added: "Most obviously, they would have to wholly give up their Sussex titles.

"The mother-of-two could also wave goodbye to whatever privacy she and Harry have carved out for themselves in their adopted hometown of Montecito.

"Meghan would have to commit to month upon month of fundraisers, sucking up to Democratic donors, having to shake tens of thousands of hands, cuddle strangers’ babies, and pose for selfies.

"The whole process, even before she might reach office, would be exhausting, expensive and put a target on her family’s backs in terms of the press, critics and the often toxic miasma that are social media hordes.

"Or, basically all the things the Sussexes left the UK to escape."

Ms Elser iterated that Meghan's entry could create a "category five meltdown" at Buckingham Palace.

But the royal commentator added: "Risks are something that Meghan clearly has a fondness for."

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