Kate Middleton ‘leading’ ritual acts as 'mood-booster' for Prince William

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July 05, 2022

Kate Middleton's 'leading rituals’ help out Prince William in boosting his mood during public appearances

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Kate Middleton has her 'leading rituals’ helping out Prince William in boosting his mood during public appearances, claimed a body language expert.

According to Daily Star, a body language expert Judi James recently claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge mimicked the Duke’s early moves – fig leaf which deflects self-defensive barrier, at their appearance at Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge University.

Judi said, “In the years before he met Kate, William was often seen performing what is known as the fig-leaf pose, with his hands clasped in front of his torso at roughly the same place as a fig leaf would sit on a classical nude statue.”

“The gesture is a self-protective barrier ritual that tends to be adopted when a guy feels uncomfortable, shy or defensive,” she added.

"It made William look bashful and suggested he felt awkward in front of the press cameras.

"Marriage and fatherhood seem to have developed William’s social confidence but he still has his fig leaf moments during public visits,” Judi continued.

"If her hand clasp is a mirroring gesture, this gazing seems to be a ‘leading’ ritual, aimed at bringing out William’s happier, fun side during their public appearances.

"William hasn’t always had the happiest relationship with the cameras and he did have a reputation for being a bit moody a few years ago.”

"During a long day packed with royal visits it would be like a mini energy and mood-booster and it is nearly always met with a coy smile or a grin of pleasure from William,” the expert added.

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