Prince George in line to claim bizarre royal record with special gene: Details

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July 03, 2022

Prince George is reportedly in line to claim a bizarre royal record with a special gene he gets from William and Kate

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Prince George is reportedly in line to claim a seemingly bizarre royal record with a special gene that he gets from his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, reported Express UK.

According to UK news reports, the eldest son of the Cambridges could end up as the tallest British King with a tall-height gene that he gets from his towering parents; William stands at an impressive 6 ft 3, while Kate is 5ft 9!

After the future King stepped out for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee earlier last month, royal fans were quick to point out how tall he looked, with one commenting: “I bet Prince George is going to be at least 6’6” tall… He’s almost as tall as Her Majesty now.”

The outlet cited research by the Keck School of Medicine in California that suggests that it’s common for a son to be taller than his mother and father both.

As per Express UK: “This theory is calculated by taking the height of the child's mother and adding five inches to that. You then add that number to the father's height and divide that figure by two.”

“In Prince George’s case, we enter the height of his mother, which is 69 inches and add another five inches. We then add that to the height of his father which is 75 inches, before dividing the figure by two. We are left with 74.5 inches which would suggest that Prince George will stand at a healthy 6ft 2,” the outlet explained.

By this calculation and the possibility that Prince George grows taller than both his parents much like his father William, then he could one day break the record for the tallest king, currently held by Edward IV, who stood at 6ft 4 ½.

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