Prince Harry fed up with Netflix cameras: ‘It’s all become too much for him’

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June 29, 2022

Prince Harry is reportedly ‘dialing back’ on his PR commitments because he's fed up of Netflix cameras

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Prince Harry is reportedly ‘dialing back’ on his PR engagements and TV commitments, as the Duke of Sussex is said to be fed up with the Netflix cameras and the exposure, a friend told Heat magazine.

According to the friend quoted by the outlet, Prince Harry feels ‘embarrassed’ over his numerous TV interviews, and is planning to ‘dial back on some PR engagements and filming commitments.’

“It feels like it's all become too much for him, especially with the Netflix crew everywhere. He will be so relieved when it's over,” the pal claimed.

However, Harry’s wife Meghan Markle’s sentiments are said to be the opposite, with the Duchess of Sussex reportedly telling friends that the couple are ‘just getting started’.

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