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May 31, 2022

Shallum has been awarded Best Guitarist of Pakistan as well as an award for Best South Asian Band and Best Composer for his composition of ‘Khamaj’....

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An ace guitarist, composer and music producer Shallum Xavier has been recording professionally for over two decades, and has played as a session musician and recorded with artists including Ali Haider, Najam Shiraz, Zeb and Haniya, Hadiqa Kiyani, and (former band) Strings. According to him, he was introduced to the music industry by Hussain Ali Shah , Emu and some other friends. In 2002 Shallum, with Emu and Shafqat, formed the band Fuzon. Their first Album ‘Saagar’ was released in the year 2003. Shallum has been awarded Best Guitarist of Pakistan as well as an award for Best South Asian Band and Best Composer for his composition of ‘Khamaj’.

Now, the Fuzon axeman teams up with upcoming and exciting vocalist Faraz Nayyar on a rocking new track ‘Mera Yaar’ that will surely light up your soul. The energetic and infectious song starts off with an upbeat electric guitar riff that is one of Shallum's signature riffs and electrifying solos. Faraz’s vocals add another dimension to the song and fuse seamlessly well with Shallum’s raging and electrifying riffs. The song is upbeat and it hits all the high notes. It is one song you can sing with your fists held high. In an era of over processed auto-tuned songs, ‘Mera Yaar’ is a breath of fresh air. No rock song is complete without a powerful solo and Shallum delivers like no other. This cracking number fires on all cylinders and will get you on your feet in no time. It is one song that will stay on repeat on your phone, car, and home stereo for a long time.

This song ushers in a brand new era for Shallum Xavier who has performed with one of Pakistan's biggest rock band. He sends a statement of intent with this collaboration from his upcoming ‘Saagar’ project that he is still the undisputed king of the six string!

Faraz Nayyar needs no introduction as he has already cemented his name in the local rock music scene. He has performed on Nescafe Basement and collaborated with his brother and guitarist Sam Nayyar. His most renowned songs include ‘Charkha’, ‘Door Nazron Se Kyun Jate Ho’, ‘Aa Paas Aa Jaan-e-Jana’, and the soundtrack to PTV drama serial ‘Rasmein’.

Fayyaz is embarking on a new adventure by taking his career to a whole new level with this upcoming collaboration with Shallum Xavier. The song is a pop rock fusion that will appeal to every listener. In fact, the song will give you chills as it reminds you of the energetic vibes of the Fuzon classic ‘Sajna’. This is a breathtaking performance where both the vocals and music shine brilliantly. This song brings the best out of both Shallum and Fayyaz and we hope to see more future collaborations from the dynamic duo.

Shallum has performed all over the world in music festivals. He has collaborated independently with Ingrid Kindem, Hildegun and Mocci (Fryd), and has performed with them on a number of occasions in both Pakistan and Norway.

–– Saad Zubair

Another music label

When it comes to music, we cannot ignore music labels. There is no denying the fact that record or music labels play a major role in promoting artists. Record labels may be small, localised and independent or they may be part of a large international media group, or somewhere in between.

A new music label Ajani Records, owned by an American based Pakistani music producer Hussain Ajani, raised the curtains on its debut season in an introductory event held in the metropolitan, recently. Attended by the music fraternity, bloggers and media personnel, the evening proceeded with a brief introduction of the music label, followed by the unveiling of the season’s roster, comprising seven talented young and veteran artists.

Season 1 of Ajani Records features ‘Mahi Ve’ sung by Raafay Israr; ‘Judai’ sung by the music maestro Ahmed Jahanzeb; ‘Tu Hi Subha’ by Alycia Dias; ‘Ghar Ajaa’ by Sanam Marvi; ‘Rabba Mere’ by Javed Bashir; ‘Faqeera’ by the legendary Arif Lohar and the season’s cover song ‘Lal Meri’ by Anilka Gill. Teasers of the songs were also unveiled at the event which received applause and appreciation from the attendees.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Hussain Ajani said, “Producing music has always been my passion and I am very thrilled to be launching the debut season of my music label and to feature and promote these tremendously talented artists. It gives me immense pleasure and honour to announce that work on the second season of Ajani Records has already begun and will feature the finest aspiring singing talent that our country has to offer along with veteran singers.”

Established in 2020, Ajani Records aims to promote young Pakistani singing talent by providing a fair platform to aspiring talent and feature them alongside the veterans of Pakistan’s music industry.

–– You! desk

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