Jennifer Lawrence dreams being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres sitting on the toilet: Deets inside

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May 23, 2022

Ellen DeGeneres on how Jennifer Lawrence's childhood dream has become a reality now

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Jennifer Lawrence dreams about being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres sitting on the toilet

Jennifer Lawrence has recently revealed how she used to pretend Ellen DeGeneres was interviewing her while “sitting on the toilet” before becoming a Hollywood’s renowned actress.

While speaking to DeGeneres on telephone on The Ellen Show, the Hunger Games star revealed her dream of how she wanted to be “successful enough so that she would be interviewed by the likes of the host”.

The Ellen actress jokingly said it is remarkable that her dream had become a reality.

“To be in Kentucky, to actually be sitting on the toilet pretending that you’re getting interviewed by somebody, then end up being a big superstar, and now being interviewed talking about sitting on a toilet pretending to be interviewed,” quipped DeGeneres.

The host noted that there were many people who dreamt about the same thing but didn’t grow up to be famous.

“Yeah, I mean, I really manifested hard on there. Maybe that’s the lesson: Take your time. Don’t rush it,” remarked Lawrence.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres inquired if there were any other famous hosts other than her, the Joy actress quipped, “Oprah obviously. A little bit of David Letterman. But I was really into your show. So pretty much every time, it was you.”

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