Fazlur Rehman claims Imran sent delegation to US to form relations with Israel

May 22, 2022

Fazl warned that Jewish agents would be kicked out of the country by JUIF activists

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JUI-F Chief Fazlur Rehman addressing a public rally in Peshawar on May 21, 2022. Photo: The News/File

PESHAWAR: Central chief of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUIF) and President Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Maulana Fazlur Rehman has claimed that former prime minister Imran Khan had sent a delegation to the US in Donald Trump's tenure as president to form relations with Israel.

While addressing the Taqaddus Hurmat Masjid-e-Nabvi (SAW) Conference here on Saturday night, Fazlur Rehman said that former US president Donald Trump tried to convince Arab countries at the diplomatic level to recognise Israel.

"Imran Khan was a part of that campaign with the Pakistan Embassy in Washington being used as its base camp,” the PDM chief alleged. He warned that Jewish agents would be kicked out of the country by JUIF activists.

Fazlur Rehman said that Saudi Arabia and China are true friends of Pakistan but both are not happy with us anymore because of the previous government's policies. “We have to restore that relations with both Saudi Arabia and China,” he said.

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Fazlur Rehman also urged the institutions to keep national solidarity above their petty personal, political gains and limited benefits and play a role for the well-being and prosperity of the country.

"I have a message for the military leadership and the establishment that when we had grievances against you, we expressed them openly. And now that we think you are moving towards performance of your constitutional role, we would support you,” he said in his late-night address.

Tens of thousands of people from across the province turned up to attend the mammoth conference. At least 5,000 volunteers of the security wing of the party had been deployed for the security of the event.

Fazlur Rehman said that Pakistan should not be made a testing ground anymore. "The country will get stronger when its institutions are strong. And the institutions will get strength once they perform their role in accordance with their constitutional limits,” he said. He said that the judiciary too had some question marks over its role, which it would have to wash away. He said that the judiciary de-seated some members of the parliament over the reference of a dummy president, which was against the lawmakers' privilege of expressing no-confidence against the prime minister.

"The judiciary, on the one hand, de-seated members of the parliament over a controversial reference and, on the other hand, it had given a stay over the de-seating of a former deputy speaker, who had polled some 65,000 fake ballots. And he served as the deputy speaker for nearly four years on the same stay order,” Fazlur Rehman said.

He blasted former prime minister Imran Khan for creating chaos in the country. He urged his party workers to get ready for countering Fitna-e-Imrania. “Stop provoking our youth. They are ready to render every sacrifice for Islam. If they get provoked, none of the youthias will dare come out of their houses,” he threatened.

The PDM chief ridiculed Imran Khan’s claim of ‘foreign conspiracy’ to topple his government. “No conspiracy was hatched against you. We were present in the field against you. We carried out a declared struggle against your illegitimate rule and we ousted you from the corridor of powers,” he said.

Fazlur Rehman said that the former prime minister was hiding behind a piece of paper while terming it as proof of foreign conspiracy. “Don’t hide behind just a piece of paper. Show your three-year performance. You destroyed the national economy. You supported the election campaign of Trump and Modi and you made a compromise over Kashmir,” he said, while referring to the ex-prime minister Imran Khan.

He also criticised the use of foul language against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Maryam Nawaz by Imran Khan. He said that Imran Khan has lost his political worth after being ousted from corridors of power and after his so-called public gatherings, he would lose his mental balance as well.

"Some elements in institutions and aunties at home are grieved over his ouster from power and they are making comments over his public gatherings. Let me tell them, if you gather 10 million people over a dead body, it won’t get up,” he stressed.

Fazlur Rahman strongly criticised the PTI leaders and workers for desecrating the sanctity of Masjid-e-Nabvi (SAW). He said that they could take every criticism against them, but they won’t tolerate anything against the sanctity of Islam, the Holy Prophet (SAW) and the holy places of Islam.

Earlier, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Maulana Abdul Shakoor said that the Haj expenses had been increased several times in the four-year government of the PTI. “When I took oath, I was informed that the Haj expenses had reached Rs950,000. I would announce the Haj policy soon after finalising the expenses,” he said.

Federal Minister for Communication Maulana Asad Mahmud said that they would remain in power as long as they wanted and they would hold elections whenever they wanted. He criticised President Arif Alvi for what he termed his controversial role. He announced that the Haj expenses this year would not be more than Rs750,000.

Provincial president of the party, Maulana Ataur Rahman said that the massive participation of the people in the conference was a proof of the fact that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was a stronghold of the JUIF and it would remain so in future. He said that the way the PTI was rejected by the people in recent local government elections and confidence was reposed in JUIF, the party would remain victorious in the next general elections.

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