Mithi water plant in need of better infrastructure

February 01,2016

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KARACHI: It is good news that Mithi Solar RO plant has completed one year of operation producing purified water. During last one year, a lot of questions were raised about its production capacities. The plant has a tendency to produce two million gallons water per day but due to small storage and distribution system of the city with a capacity to store and supply 500000 gallons per day, the people are not getting maximum benefits from this innovative scheme.

As per record, the daily production capacity from the RO plant is in between 700000 GPD -800000 gallons per day which is approximately more than 20 million gallons in a month and 240 million gallons per year only for Mithi City. As per experts, local authorities can double the supply by constructing more storage tanks and by improving water distribution system through which water can supplied to 68 villages connected with this system.

Senator Taj Haider has visited Thar and wrote to Chief Minister for the enhancement of storage tanks and distribution system. Relief inspection Judge Mian Fayaz Rabani also reported the same.

The RO plant is solar while tube-well and other system need electricity but no electric connection has been provided and not a single paisa has paid to the contractor for producing of 240 million gallons of water.


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