BTS ARMY slam Jimmy Kimmel for comparing group to COVID-19

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January 22, 2022

Jimmy Kimmel received flack from BTS fans after he compared the band with COVID-19 in latest episode of his show

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BTS ARMY slam Jimmy Kimmel for comparing group to COVID-19

TV show host Jimmy Kimmel is facing backlash for his recent remarks on South Korean boy band BTS, after he compared the group with the ongoing spread of COVID-19.

In a recent episode of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the 54-year-old host invited Netflix’s Emily in Paris fame actor and singer Ashley Park and discussed her fangirling moment after receiving praise from BTS.

Park, who played Mindy on the hit series and performed her rendition on band’s hit track Dynamite, her adoration of the band members.

Speaking about how thrilled she was, after BTS group leader, RM shared his reaction to her rendition of Dynamite, Park said she was left speechless after how RM and V lauded her performance.

The actress also quipped that she was unable to 'move or react' after this overwhelming response from the globally hit group.

Moving on, Park also spoke about her diagnosis with the Omicron variant of COVID-19. To this, Kimmel responded by saying, "You thought it was BTS fever" and jokingly added, "They're both extremely dangerous. You’re lucky to come out of those alive.”

The group fans, popularly known as ARMY, were outraged after Kimmel's comments and turned to Twitter to express their distress. Many called Kimmel's act and condemned his statements.

A fan wrote, "The audacity to say that about an Asian artist in front of an Asian woman. jimmykimmel really compared BTS to COVID in the year 2022 and amidst all the anti-Asian hate."

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